Mystery Mansion 101 - Walkthrough


Mystery Mansion 101 is a room escape game. You have to search the black and white designed room and find a way to escape.
Good luck!!!

Play Mystery Mansion 101

1 find paper on table, find battery and matches in cupboard.
2 light paper with matches and place in fireplace. and take hammer
3 move candle thing on top of fireplace to the right. Then use hammer behind where it was. get candle and light it with matches
4 move table to the right and using candle go down the trap door.
5 get key from chair. go right twice, get second battery from cupboard.
6 go back to ladder and move ladder to right, use hammer on wall and get pickaxe.
7 go back upstairs and use matches on picture and you get a brickwall. use pick there. Get stepladder.
8 go to the clock, put step ladder at bottom and put the batterys in the clock, it starts turning
9 go back downstairs and right to the cupboard which has bricks in it now.
10 use pick axe on bricks again and go through the hole it makes.
11 in the new room go right twice and open safe with the key…

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