Mystery Mansion 102 All Endings - Walkthrough


Mystery Mansion 102 is the second episode of Mystery Mansion 101 that is a kind of room escape game from Mild Cabin.
Good luck!!!

Play Mistery Mansion 102

1 matches and pincers from cupboard
2 use matches on left picture
3 use pincers on left picture
4 get hammer from the hole
5 smash candle thing next to cupboard
6 get candle from debris and light it with the matches
7 click under/on table and go down
8 click ladder
9 click above ladder with hammer and get pick
10 turn around open cupboard and get bird
11 go up hit right picture with hammer
12 burn picture with matches
13 use pick on wall and get ladder
14 put ladder underneath clock (put it on the floor!)
15 click door in the clock twice and get key
16 put bird in the clock!

Now continue with any of the endings!

happy ending 1
1 go to cupboard downstairs
2 use pick on the wall in the cupboard
3 open safe with the key!

happy ending 2
1 go to picture picture downstairs
2 click it and use pick on the bricks
3 go in get memo from the wall
4 use hammer on the table and get wood
5 put wood in the fireplace
6 burn memo with matches
7 put burning memo in the fireplace
8 click cross and get sword
9 cut cactus with sword
10 get screwdriver from cactus
11 pull cord
12 open cupboard and unscrew the plate
13 pull the lever and get the shield (were the deer was on)
14 open the door and use shield on the flames
15 click the dragon with the sword until it dies
16 open the safe with the key!

happy ending 3
1 open the window (click on the right side)
2 in the garden via window
3 click bricks on left side of shed and get saw
4 right of the shed is a board with a small hole, click it
5 use saw on board
6 click doghouse twice
7 put seeds in pot next to doghouse
8 hit faucet with hammer and fill watering pot
9 water the seeds! Repeat 4 times or so
10 click flower to get adhesive
11 open adhesive by clicking he cap
12 put glue on sawed up board
13 put birdhouse in the tree
14 turn to the bird and click it, go back to the birdhouse
15 click bird/birdhouse and get remote thingy
16 click the remote and turn around
17 open safe with the key!

happy? ending 4
open the front door! And get in the UFO

happy ending 5
1 go to the basement
2 click the crack under the table with the hammer
3 go down and open the safe
4 get two memo’s
5 use hammer on crack in the safe
6 get remote
7 turn around until you see a roster
8 use pincer on screws
9 look at the numbers on one of the memo’s
10 first enter the code as a calculator or numpad (3 being bottom right)
11 open the thing (handle on the right)
12 get battery and turn until you see an other roster
13 same deal here but use it as a keyboard (3 being up and right)
14 open it and get battery #2
15 put both batteries in remote and click it
16 turn until you a car
17 open hood with pincer
18 unselect pincer and click under the hood!

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