NHL 2K8 Demo on Xbox Live Marketplace


A demo for the already-released NHL 2K8 has been made available on the Xbox Live Marketplace.

If you’ve been holding out to decide between 2K8 and 08, now you’ll be able to compare the demos and see which tickles your fancy. The critical reception for NHL 2K8, which released on September 11, has been an overall “meh,” with the game’s supposedly revolutionary new right analog stick controls being seen as a step backwards more than anything else.

In the demo, which weighs in at 1GB, you’ll be able to try out that new control scheme, along with the new face off and goaltending systems. Once you’ve given it a try, let us know what you think about the new control scheme and which of the two hockey games (if any) you plan on picking up.

Source: Gaming Today

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