N'Joy 10th Planet - Walkthrough


Help the girl to find items and clues or to solve puzzles in order to finish the game.
Good Luck!!!

Play N'Joy 10th Planet

4 bombs are used. First, Wind turbine room...open panel and quickly attach bomb to flying disk. Second, table in Robot Room. Third, Computer Room...to the middle-right, within the light. Fourth, Sphere Room...to the right of the pedestal...it sticks to the glass. Make sure the ship is elevation 'ON' and 'autopilot'...they are 'white' when selected.

Now you're ready to use the flyind disc-arm robot thingy. Drag and drop on sphere, SEARCH, CONNECT, REMOTE CONTROL. Oh, be ready to move towards that windows...Kaboom...autopilot ship to meet you.

Laser key your way onboard. Move cursor-hand to left side of screen to control panel "time to blow up station"...SEARCH, CONNECT, BURN

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