Ostrov Escape The Island - Walkthrough


Try to escape from the island by searching and finding items or clues.
This game is in Slovakian but this is not problem to finish game.
Good Luck!!!

Play Ostrov


1.Click on small brown symbol almost center of the sand, nearish tree
2. click on long clear tube with symbol shapes on it, u will see a key, you need to get this. first, press the green up arrow and you will see the shape that matches the one you found, drag shape to the one on the tube.
3.go back and click on box, try going through all the numbers, if not its 66, then clik on small suare lock under numbers...
5. collect the items. go back to tube and drag the brown symbol to matching one on tube.
6. go bak to beach, clik near bottom of island to go to other side of island.
7.clik on the message in a bottle, then the letter says only the temperature is code. then clik on bottle and then drag it to the see to get water.
8. now click on the green box, then the green arrow. drag the circular item you got from the locked box and drag it to the long handle shape thing.
9. the sun will now make the silver liquid go into green box. clik on green arrow then the darker green inner square, you now have two shapes, clik on them.
10. go bak to other side of island , clik on bottom of sand.
11. clik on the symbol tube and now drag on the remaining shapes.
12. go to top of tube via green arrow and drag the bottle of water to top of entrance of tube, it will fill with water.
13. when waters fully risen to top, clik on key.
14. exit to beach by purple arrow.
15. go bak to other side of beach and click on key hole, drag key from bottom corner of page to the keyhole and voila!!

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