The Other Side Of The Door - Walkthrough


The Other Side Of The Door WalkthroughThe Other Side Of The Door is another Room escape game.
Good Luck!!!

Play The Other Side Of The Door

You start facing the door. Grab the picture from the frame left of it. Also take the lighter from the tree (just above where the white pillow starts covering it).

Turn right, grab the plate from the window sill and note that you can't do anything with the package just yet. Right once more and take the magnet from the top drawer, right again and get the scissors.

Now to start using what we've collected. Turn around and use the scissors to open the package, picking up the string. Combine with the magnet. Turn right, focus on the drawers, put the vase on the floor and click just behind where it used to be.

Fish out the key, use it to open the bottom drawer and take the candle. Put it on the plate and light it. Use the incomprehensible drawing on it.

Using the even numbers (2 - 10 - 8), unlock the door and escape.

Source: Nordinho

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