Plastic Smile - Walkthrough


Plastic Smile is another Japanese point'n'click type escape the room game from makers of Lonely Thing game.
Good Luck!!!

Play Plastic Smile

1.Don't click the hole under the tomb.You will get a game over.

2.Walk around the room until you get to the window.
Pick up beaker

3.Go back to the paining and use the beaker on the cloud
Get beaker filled with water

4.Use the beaker on the bottom right blue arrow
get blue arrow

5.Use arrow on the tape holding the wrench on the window
Get wrench

6.Use the wrench on the top right yellow nail holding up the binary.
get yellow nail

7.Use the yellow nail to punch holes in the silver part under the binary banner..There will be three.

8.Move back to the door and put in the code 1577(Thanks Irine).
get purple tea bag

9.Move back to the banner and use the tea bag on the silver thing with the holes in it now.
get flowers

10.Move to the painting and place he flowers in the persons hands
get razor from the hole under the tomb.

11.Use the razor on the sign by the door.Click both strings with it
get key

12.Use the key on the door and walk into the next room
Get red tea bag from shelf(it has a black dot in the middle)

13.Go back to the other room and click where you got the key and put in code FTGFOP (thanks Mel)

14.Click on the woman's shadow then move back to the painting

15.Use the tea bag on teh red may have to click a few times

16.get the key and move into the next room use the key in the middle of the black dot on the wall then go through that door..and your out

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  1. the code FTGFOP does not work i tried caps and also lowercase cant finish game :(

  2. Could you explain to us idiots how you got 1577 and FTGFOP?


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