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Walkthrough Pricilla Gone Missing HelpPricilla Gone Missing is a point and click adventure game.
Your mission is find your aunt Pricilla. Click around to move your character and remember that you can combine things in your invetory.
Good Luck!!!

Play Pricilla Gone Missing


1.Enter the house and hit the lights to the left side of the screen.
2. Take the paper from the filing cabinet and turn on the power at the utility box above the TV.
3. Leave the house and go to the right of the house.
4. Get the lighter from in front of the toilet.
5. Get the Hose out of the stove
6. goto the construction elevator beside your car and go up.
7. Use the magnifyer beside the top of the elevator to see your goal.
8. ake the bottle from the barrel in the shack and the hook out of the locker.
9. Go Left
10. Use the winch here to hoist up the box and take the rope out of it.
11. Goto the stove, stick the paper in it and use the lighter on the stove. Collect the funnel.
12. Enter the shack and click on the covers on the cot (bed). Take the crowbar.
13. Take the road to the top right of the screen and head over to the fuel tank.
14. Use the crowbar on it 3 times to remove the tie-downs and watch is fall to the ground below.
15. Go back to the construction Elevator and go down.
16. Combine the funnel with the bottle.
17. Combine the tubing with the bottle.
18. Use the bottle on the fuel tank of your car.
19. Go to the right of the house again.
20. You will find a wooden box and a car fan. Move the car fan to the box.
21. Now go back up the elevator, head left, then to the top right back to the crane
22. Combine the hook with the rope and use the rope on the crane.
23. Use the gas on the cranes fuel tank
24. Use the crane. It will move the box you made over to the line with the crow on it.
25. Head back right and click on the box to enter it and cross the canyon.
26. When you arrive, one of the boxes will have a note on it. Note the 4 letters written on the note and enter it into the keypad. The two times I went through, the code was
27. Enter the elevator and then send Johan hate mail for another cliffhanger! /JK. GJ Johan.

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