Professor XYZ Episode 5 - Walkthrough


Your mission is to help Xavier repair his go-kart engine in time for the big race! To accomplish this task, you will have to run the engine in order to determine which parts are faulty.
Good Luck!!!

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From the top-
1. Start the engine and look at the first cylinder. Something will be faulty.
2. Stop the engine.
3. Replace the faulty part.
4. Restart the engine and check to see if the replaced part works. If not, repeat.
5. Once the engine runs smoothly (sound will change and all parts will work), turn it off.
6. Click on the hoist hook, which will move the engine to the go-cart.
7. Quickly click on the engine to start it.WHERE to click seems a little fickle, but towards the rear seems to always work. Clicking on the key does NOT always work.

There are 3 spark plugs hidden:

1 on the top shelf, sticking up above the white basin near the left window.
1 on the workbench, behind a brown canister near the toolchest.
1 on the second shelf of the bookshelves.
There are 3 pistons hidden:
1 under the toolchest toward the right side- tough to see.
1 in the forefront, just to the right of the engine.
1 on the top shelf of the bookshelves. You can see the end of it hanging down over the shelf.
There are 6 valves hidden. This means you could possibly try 5 before finding one that will work:
1 on top of the toolchest, behind the screwdriver and standing beside the window frame.
1 under the workbench, close to the end of the board on the floor.
1 on the far right side of the workbench, laying on top of the white rag.
1 under the right window, behind the can of spilled goo.
1 behind the go-cart, at the far right edge of the screen.
1 on the 4th bookshelf from the bottom, sticking up right in the middle.

Source: Escape the Room

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