Puzzled 2 - Walkthrough


Puzzled Episode 2 is the second instalment in the hugely popular puzzled series.
In this room, just like the others you have to solve a series of puzzles to escape. Good luck!!!

Play Puzzled 2


~ Click on the shelf that is on the wall. Get the paper that is in between the books. It has a hint for the PDA.
~ Click on the leg of the stool that is near the door and get the security card.
~ Click on the door, then click on the lower right side of the door and get the key.
~ Go to the table with the drawers and click under the empty space and get the PDA.
~ Click on the locked drawer and get the cord.
~ Use the security card on the safe that is on the floor. The power will turn on. Click on the green light and click on the on button.
~ Go to the power outlet and attach the cord to the outlet. The PDA will be charged.
~ According to the hint the password is 8312. Type in the password and click "on" and go to the door.
~ Click on the doornob and you are out.

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