Samorost 2 - Walkthrough


Samorost 2 is a very fun online graphic point and click adventure and second version of Samorost.
You have to help the little man to rescue his dog.
Good Luck!!!

Play Samorost 2


Click on the dog house

Click on the white guy in the rocket

Click the bug and put it on top of the tree to save the white guy

Click left screen to move to next scene

Go into the cave and click the middle bottle to pick up the cork

Move mouse to left screen, click on baby anteater and faster click on the hole to replace cork.

Go back into cave, pull the water lever twice, click the right wheel once and click the monkey nearer to the funnel so that powder will drop into the funnel, turn on the fire and turn the outside tap water so that snail will drink it. Grab the hammer.

Knock the robot

Click the right path so that fly come out.

Hit away the round stone, when bug crawl next to possum, click the possum and it will eat it.

Click the fly so that it will go to the possum vomit

Click on the white guy and after that click the web ball

Click on the box and release rat, click on the hole and plug drop out.

Use the plug at the socket on the left

Click the cable on the floor twice and click on the hanging hook

Go out and grab the torch light on the wall

Go down the hole, pull the lever once and click the wheel

Pull the lever again and turn the wheel to open a hole

Turn all three small wheel so that they are aligned and red spot is at top and bottom position, then turn the big wheel

Press robot 1 and 2 to unscrew the four nut

Pick all fruit from right basket to left basket until empty and go into the right basket

Pick up the sausage and hang at the skull, when the green monster hand move away, press the red button

When the white guy drop onto the floor, click on the green monster, get key and save your dog.

Source: Escape the Room

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