Shadow Of The Killer - Walkthrough


Katilin Gölgesi - Shadow of the Killer new point and click adventure game created by Mesut Vatansever. Point and click right place to finish the game.
Good Luck!!!

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1. Go left, take ink and key from table. In the same room, go to the safe on one of the shelves of the bookcase take paper with phone number.

2. Use key on the door, enter computer room, take paper beside computer. Click on paper, drag the bottle of ink on it, a number will appear. Enter number on computer and click the word tamam. Screen will change.

3. Go back to the room where you started and on the door left of the painting, you will get to a new place. The number you will see appear is not relevant, it’s just a password if you want to leave and restart at that place.

4. Enter new house, talk to the guy in security booth. Then go through the door at your right. It’s an elevator.

5. When on second floor, talk to the man, then take phone number list from his desk. A cell phone will also appear in your item list.

6. Take back elevator and exit building.

7. Go left, take blue triangle beside fence.

8. Click on the paper with phone numbers on it, then drag the blue triangle beside the number that shows on the other paper you had earlier. A second paper with this same number will appear in your item list.

9. Go back one screen to the right, then click on the white paper with phone number on it, then click on the second paper with phone number on it, then click on the phone. You will end up in a new place and will have a flashlight in your item list.

10. Go left, click on the black box beside the brick passage. Take needles.

11. Take flashlight and enter the passage, you will find a locked door.

12. Drag needles to the lock, you’re OUT!


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