Stuck Inside 2 - Walkthrough


Stuck Inside 2 is the sequel of Stuck Inside by the same author of the recently released Locked In.
Good Luck!!!

Play Stuck Inside 2


1. Look at the broken glasses, find the red mug and look closely, you\'ll find a yellow dot- get the yellow keys.
2. Open the 3st drawer.
You find a personal organizer with weird writting on it. Forget it for now, you\'ll need a pin to reset it.
3. Open the top drawer (with the glasses) look again toward the red mug and you\'ll find a note with a password (j72ca).
4. Look then at the back of the freezer and get the black electrical tape.
5. Look under microwave table and find another key (green) on the back right corner. Use it on the closet and get the army figurine.
6. Use electrical tape on the severed cord of the microwave, put the amry figure into the microwave and let it melt. You will get a pin.
7. Use pin on the personal organizer and you will get a login screen.
8. To get the username, look at the back of the drawers and you will see on the right side of the screen (on the corner of the shelf a name (Joe). That\'s the username and put the password, you get the code for the freezer (27893)
9. Open the freezer and get the screwdriver.
10. Look at the door and see the card-swipe panel. Use screwdriver on it and press the reset button and you\'re OUT!!!

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  1. how do i get that glasses? to open the top drawer, i've been clicking everywhere


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