Stuck Inside - Walkthrough


Stuck Inside is a small Room Escape game.
The game will probably reminds you the Trapped or Puzzled series, and once more, you will have to find and combine several objects in order to leave the room.
Good Luck!!!

Play Stuck Inside


1. Zoom in on the door and get the power cord (bottom left).
2. Get the red keys hidden behind the black book on the second shelf (look closely).
3. Zoom in on the PC tower, plug the power cord in and get the green keys from the upper CD/DVD drawer.
4. Use a red key on the top drawer of the desk and get the hammer.
5. Break the back of the T.V. with the hammer and get an ultraviolet bulb.
6. Put the bulb in the battery pack on the floor, near the bookshelves.
7. Use a green key to open the panel on the wall, left to the T.V. Turn the power off. The ultraviolet bulb is now illuminated.
8. Look under the stool and read the code (X572).
9. Go back to the grey panel and turn the power on.
10. Go back to the computer. Look at the monitor and enter the code.
11. Enter the second code (access).
12. Go to safe on wall and get the ice pick.
13. Go back to the computer. Zoom in at the PC tower, look to the right under the desk and use the ice pick on the gum to get the yellow keys.
14. Use the yellow key to open the door and leave the room!

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