TLFMER 4 - Walkthrough


TLFMER 4: The Little Fast Made Escape Room Part IV is a point and click room escape game from Escape Game Maniac, who is the also creator of Head-Fi escape the room game series.
Good Luck!!!



1.go straight ahead and click on the little door slide window. when the guaurd comes forward, click quickly on his nasal hair, you will pluck on out.
2.go left, click on the left side of the box. get the marker.
3.go left, click on the hay stack several times, and look carefully on the right side of the stack, you will barely see the needle. get it.
4.go left. get the crow bar from the table.
5.look up. use the crow bar on the celing and get the special knife.
6.use the needle on the may gaurd poster. get the key. use it to open the locked box. get a shirt and a pair of pants.
7.go left. fill the shirt and pants with hay.
8.put the shirt and the pants on the wall.
9.go to the area where the pictures are and click on the right side of the box. use the crowbar to get a plank of wood.
10.stick the wooden plank on the dummy so that it will look like a neck. several times on the july guy's mouth and you will get the password for the safe. (0718)
12.get the scissors from the safe. use it the cut out the face of the august guard and put the picture on the dummy.Look under the table.
13.use the marker on the dummy's chest to draw a star. put the nose hair in the middle of the star. use the knife. the gaurd will be gone now.
14.go to the door. open the slide window, use the crowbar. you are out.

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