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Voice is a Japanese point and click game from creator of Bell game. In this escape game, you are in a room and you have to search the room to gather items and solve puzzles.
Good luck!!!

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1. Click on book to get book mark
2. Go to pig on shelf, highlight bookmark and click on money slot to get key
3. Use key on door lock
4. Pick up hair clip at bottom of open door
5. Click on right over curtains to get screwdriver
6. Highlight screwdriver and click on metal bar over wardrobe doors to release doors
7. Highlight hair clip and click on box on botton shelf of book shelf to get another key
8. Use key on bottom drawer of desk to get band-aides
9.Use band aides on item in bin to create ruler
10. Click on bottom right of book shelf, highlight ruler and click on knife to retrieve it
11. Click on end of monkey's tail to get key
12. Numbers are located around the room...on the chair(r5.b3), next to the monkey (r3.g2.b5), behind the door(r4.b4), next to the pig (b1), next to the numbered safe (r2.r6.b6), behind the clock (r1.g1.b2),
13. Click on bottom right corner of wardrobe to get to safe ;)
14. Use cutter and monkey key on safe
15. Click on box to close up on buttons
16. 1w,2b,3b,4w,5b, pick up card that appears
17. Highlight card and place in card slot to switch on number machine in wardrobe
18. And for the code 615.


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  1. what do you have to do in the safe behind the wardrobe. i don't get it!!!


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