What is so good about Hunter skill in Runescape?


“What is so good about Hunter skill? Can I make money with Hunter?”
Sounds familiar? Yes, these are some of those questions which appear on the forums over and over again.

And here is another one: “The Hunter skill is fast to raise but useless. You only get Imps at lvl 71 and that’s it. Why should I even bother?”

Well, let’s take a look.

  • First things that comes to mind are Spotted and Spottier Capes. They reduce weight by 2-3kg and 4-5kg. Add Boots of Lightness to the picture and you can run your Runecrafting and Agility routes with negative weight! You need lvl 40 for Spotted Cape and lvl 66 for Spottier one.
  • Gloves of Silence (at lvl 54) come handy for pick-pocketing. That was the main reason for me when I started my Hunter carrier.
  • Stripy feathers. This is one of often overlooked outcomes from hunting. Starting from lvl 19 Tropical Wagtails usually become the main hunting prey and remain so until lvl 43 (when Falconry starts). From lvl 19 till 43 you’ll get thousands stripy feathers which are used for Rainbow fish fly-fishing. Rainbow fish fly-fishing is a decent way to raise Fishing, comparable with lobsters. And cooked Rainbow fish looks good and heals 11.

“It’s all very good” - you may say now: “But what about money? Do I get any money from it?” And the answer is “yes”. Money comes from selling Chinchompas (lvl 53) and especially Red Chinchompas (lvl 63). When properly used (in multi-combat areas) these explosive little creatures become one of the best ways to raise Ranging and therefore eager Runescape archers and bowmen are willing to pay good money for them. 200-225gp for Chinchompas and 600-700gp for Red Chinchompas.

What else? Prayer!
Do you know how many normal bones you get while catching birds and doing falconry? Tons! If you bury them all, it adds up pretty quickly and you get a few unexpected Prayer levels.

Finally, the new Impetuous Impulses minigame rewards high level hunters with awesome rewards. Mystic and Splitbark armor, Power Amulets, Dragon Longs, Daggers, Arrows and Darts - just to name a few. Yes, you need to have at least lvl 65 in order to get such rewards, but even at lvl 58 you get good stuff from Nature Implings (good seeds, herbs and magic logs). Pretty nice, don’t you think?

So, is it worth doing? Yes, of course.
Go to Yanille. Get yourself a few bird snares, noose wand and start the hunt!

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  1. Hmmm. I spose I could put more effort into hunter..The impy things do sound tempting. Its my lowest skill atm, and the level I have atm is only from tears of guthix O_o


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