Yuria's Room 3 - Walkthrough


Yurias Room 3 is the sequel to Yuria's Room point and click room escape games, created by the same author as Yuria's Hotel. Collect items and use them, and also solve puzzles in order to escape.
Good Luck!!!

Play Yuria´s Room 3


Take the white ball, the drink and the piece of paper from the fridge.
The green key under the fridge.
Take the paper from the trash and the paper on the cabinet.
Open the middle drawer with the green key, take the violet ball and the paper.
Go to the calendar and pass the pages until you see a piece of paper. Take it.
On the screen where the table is click on the ceiling to see a blue key.
Take the chair and place it on top of the table to reach the key.
Use the key to open the bottom drawer. Take the screwdriver.
Take the chair again, zoom it and take the paper.
Paper on the left of the cabinet.
Zoom the red ball and click on it to empty the water.
Go to the panel next to the fridge and input the code.

“S O N D means September, October, November and December. Take the date, then take the number, counting up from 1 to 5 and then combine the location on which they are on the board with the calender, put those numbers in a line and you got in”

For those who don't understand it the code: 30116198
Take the red key and use it to open el drawer.
Take the boxcutter and the piece of paper.

Papers translation is:
Black is corner somewhere.
Blue is above the white.
Purple is under the brown.
Green is on the white.
Red and blue are not the same line/column.
Brown is in the left than black.
Yellow and white-----same line.
Yellow, blue and green---same line/column.

Go to the painting (it looks like a window), use the boxcutter then the screwdriver.
Place the balls following the orders in the papers.
Here you have a picture just in case you´re in a rush
Go to the door and you´re out.

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