17000 men banned from MMO for playing as women


Yes, that’s right people, the world got a little dumber these days when Chinese MMORPG provider Aurora Inc decided to just block roughly 17.000 male players with female characters out of a Chinese MMO called King of the World. No particular reason has been given for this radical act, which makes it even more despicable.

Sure we all know the Chinese cultural taboos and this may be one explanation but still it doesn’t justify it or anything. And now, all the actual women playing as women, have to present themselves via webcam when they log in, as gender evidence. Wow… playing an MMO used to be simpler than this. And talk about a dumb idea, using webcams, maybe I have a sister, or a good friend and I ask her to take the gender confirmation test…it still doesn’t solve anything.
Now what I don’t understand is if these Chinese know what RPG stands for. It’s ROLE PLYING GAME guys…you play a role…that you can’t play in real life…And what makes playing as a ruthless barbarian or something like that, who cuts down every enemy in his path better than playing as a woman? So violence is good as long as you keep your real gender? I must be as dumb as a rock because I just don’t get it.
They should really take a look at World of Warcraft statistics which states real world players are 85% male and 15% female and yet 35% of the avatars are female. I for one think it’s a good thing, I’d rather know they are satisfying their fantasies online than on the streets.

Source: Gameater

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  1. Thanks for the great comment. Oddly, If I was playing an RPG online I would probably choose a female character, despite m,y inner self saying that's a bit weird. Maybe we all havbe a yearning for the female form occassionally. I agree wholeheartedly on your final comment though. lol



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