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Addle Valley is a kind of adventure type puzzle and escape game.
A series of riddles lay between you and your freedom.
Solving each riddle will either unlock new locations or will give you knowledge that will assist in solving other riddles.
Good luck!!!

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1. Welcome to Addle Valley

First Of all.. you must click the map in the bottom right hand corner and go to the piano room to start the journey.

2. Piano Room

On the piano is written "M CE M CE" ... this hints that it has something to do with "Three Blind Mice"... so click on the papers on the ground, and go through them untill you find "three blind mice"..
you will find the letters " f e d d f e d d a g g f f a g g f f a" ... type these letters in on the piano and you will find a piece of paper.

3. The Doll Room

Courtney is eight, because the word courtney has 8 letters in it. Elizabeth is nine because the word elizabeth has 9 letters... Therefore Sarah must be Five as the word sarah has five letters in it...
use the blocks to spell out the word FIVE and you will find a key.

4. The Church

Now that you have the key... click the door of the church and you will find a box. Click the box and you shall find a series of letters. use the letters to spell out the word "lived" ... fireworks should occur in the order of these colours...

red green yellow green blue

this helps you in the Paint room.

5. Paint Room

Click on the colours of paint on the wall in order...

red green yellow green blue

and they should spell out numbers.
As you can see, the purple number is missing... Click on the paper on the floor!... red and blue mix to make purple.. so add up the numbers for red and blue. This equals 72.
So next to the word purple type in..
Seventytwo.. and you will find another peice of paper.

6. Computer Room

By clicking on the middle computer at the top, you will find the co ordinates "C3 A1 D3 D1 A4 D4"

find these co ordinates on the grid and it should spell out "BEFORE"... meaning B4. Now find the co ordniate B4 on the grid, and the letter is K.
Now click on the computer on the desk, press K and enter.
You will see a list of elements appear on the blackboard.

7. Science Room

Find the symbol of each element in order. by doing so, you should end up with the letters..

one before copper

... and the element before copper is Nickel.

so now on the periodic table, click on the symbols

Ni C K El

this should reveal writing on the blackboard in the classroom.

8. The Classroom

in the classroom, you will find written on the blackboard...

A simple sequence
o t t f f s s e

... what this is are the first letters of counting numbers...

One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight

... next three numbers that come after eight are Nine Ten Eleven...

so in the alphabet above the board, click on N T E.

this should reveal part of the map.

9. The Ship

click on the peice of paper to the right... you will find written..

For a dull dud

...use the grid to decode this.

Start at A4. Down up left left down up down... you will find that it spells out a lazy eye ... eye = i

so input the letter i in the computer and press enter.

you will find another peice of the map.

10. Thanks for Visiting

No, it isn't finished yet...

Examine the peice of paper underneath the sign. You will notice that there are some bold letters which spell out right! now click on the paper to the far left. you will notice there are more bold letters which spell out the word click..

so right click and click on A grave riddle

11. A grave Riddle

The Greek letters translate to

"Thank you for solving the cryptogram now you need to spell the solution"

in order to do so, you must find the same symbols from the last 2 sentences in the last paragraph, in the first paragraph so you can click them.

Once you've done this it will fade and show a poem in english.
The first letter of each line spell out Right Button

once you've right clicked, it says the end..

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  1. I don't see how for a DULL DUD is translated on the chart. Can you explain a little further?

  2. Um,im up to the paint room, but it won't let me type anything in

  3. I'm on the sign "thanks for visiting".. read the walkthrough twice and a) can't see any bold letters spelling right or click on the letters and b) right clicking won't doesn't do anything anyway..


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