Another Escape - Walkthrough


Another escape the room game.
You have to search the room and find items in order to escape.
Good Luck!!!

Play Another Escape

Ok, we start out infront of a computer with the lights off.
Turn to the left and flip the switch.
Turn to the left again and click the blinds. It will say "You here somthing nearby click, but you cant locate it."
Now click on the cups. They will fall over and a key will be under were they once stood. Click on it.
Now click back and topple the water bye clicking it.
Turn to the left twice and click on the red book in the top shelf. Keep flipping the pages untill you get to the last one. A key is taped there.
Still zoomed in, click on the wire in the middle shelf and the board on the bottom.
Now turn to the left and use the gold key to open the door. In the new room, we see a car. Get the two boards by the tires.
Now use the silver key to unlock the trunk and get the jack. (Inside another compartment in the trunk.) Now zoom out and put the jack under the car. Keep clicking the jack until it is all the way up. Now click a the floor under the car. You will zoom in and see a badge.
Click the badge to get a close up. Remember the number: 555-2994. Now zoom out to get the same view as when you first entered the room.
Click on the cabinet and open both doors. Get the board and plug on the top shelf. Zoom back out and turn to the left. Pick up the board.
Now return to the first room. Turn right twice to see a phone and many pegs. Put the 5 boards on the pegs. Click the top board and you will see a keyboard. Grab it.
Now turn to the computer. Put the keyboard in front of the left computer. Now plug the cord into the outlet.
Turn to the right and put the frayed cord to the left of the water spill. Click the cord in the items menu again and click around the bottom left side of the water jug. You will put the other cord into the water. Now click on the bottom of the phone to connect it. Click on the phone and dial the number given before. 555-2994. It will ring awhile and then say: The password to the computer is 68259. Turn left to the computer and turn it on. (The power button on the right computer.) It will promt you to enter a password. Guess what password to enter. Yup, 68259. Press continue and it will say "Open Grage Door." Press continue once again and it will say "Open" in blue. Press exit, turn to the left, and go through the door.
Turn left again and go out into the night.

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