Bacteria Salad: Agribusiness in a Game


In Bacteria Salad your mission, if you choose to harvest it, is to squeeze as much profit out of mass amounts of cheap tomatoes and spinach.

While building large industrial farming complexes may send the cash registers cranking into overdrive, you also run the increased risk of floods, animal-waste pollution, and life-threatening E. coli. But will you be content with the pennies you'll scrape by with your small family farm? Decisions, decisions.

Your goal is simple: Harvest mass amounts of cheap produce and sell it for as much profit as possible. But watch out for floods and animal waste, or your greens might turn, uh — brown — and your customers will get E. Coli. And it doesn't take an MBA to know that killing people is bad for business!

Use your mouse for all commands. Click a farm to plant fields in it. When contaminants pass over your farms, click on a field to remove it. Try to find and remove the contaminants before your vegetables end up in the refrigerator. If three customers get sick from eating contaminated vegetables from the fridge, your game is over! See in-game help for more detailed instructions.

Minimum Requirements
Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP
Macintosh OS X
450 MHz or faster processor
128 MB system RAM
Flash Player 8 or later

Source: TreeHugger

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