Bank Robbery - Walkthrough


The Bank Robbery is another point and click adventure game from GamesHandbook.
In this game, you must find a way to sneak into the vault of the bank while all the customers and workers are in there and steal some loot.
Good luck!!!

Play Bank Robbery

walk into bank
go left one room and grab map from bucket
in that same screen, put map into your mans hand
click on map to see shovel outside
go outside and get shovel from behind 2nd patch of grass
then use shovel on 1st patch of grass
guy will automatically jump in
get rope from bottom left of water
put it in you guys hand and then keep clicking til he gets it to hook onto the hook on the ceiling. takes about ten times
he will climb out of sewer into bathroom. Grab wire cutters from left cabinet where the bottles are.
put wire cutters into your hand and then cut all wires in front of you
he will climb to safe
grab ball on table and throw it under the security guard so he will fall and knock himself out
take guards cell phone from shirt pocket. put phone in your guys hand and he will walk to computer.
Click on phone and then scan. it will give a two numbers. take the second one and it goes fast so you will have to do this a couple times to get the number. Number does change every game, so get it right
Click on number pad next to safe door and enter the number. you are done.

Source: Free Games News

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