Dassyutu 12 Training Room - Walkthrough


Dasyutu 12 - Training Room is the 12th episode Japanese of point and click room escape game in the Dassyutu series.
Collect the items and use them at the right place.
Good Luck!!!

Play Dassyutu 12

pick up sweater
turn twice
zoom to bin
drag towel to bin
put sweater in bin
go out once
get screwdriver
use driver on wall safe
get jar ( or pliers )
turn left, fix rail
goto bookcase, read bottom right book
do 2 push ups, 2 leg ups and 3 sit ups
go to black box on floor, get ???
turn right move bookcase either to right or toward you (depends on version)
click on air conditioner to get hook (if case came forward click behind to get egg)
HighLight hook, drag jar over, then H/L again, drag string over
get the key, then goto door
repeat if you have pliers and hook
don’t know obout egg.

Another Walkthrough
Get T-shirt.
Throw towel and T-shirt into clothes hamper.
Get driver.
Open panel with driver to get paste.
Slide bookshelf to right to get twist of paper.
Blow blue thing some times to get string.
Repair bar with driver.
Read black book. It says...

Do 2 push-ups
Do 2 leg ups
Make 3 sit-ups

After doing that, open a box to get transformation eyeglass.

Firm twist of paper with paste and hook up string to pull in key.

If you slided bookshelf front and got capsule, will see better

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