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El Legado is a Spanish Room Escape game written in Spanish.
The game take place in a creepy dungeon.
When you find an item, click and drag it to your inventory instead of trying to directly use it.
Good Luck!!!

Play El Legado

Once you Start
click the door gate
click on keys
go back
now search floor to right a bit
find a pole and drag it to you item boxes
Click the door again and use pole to get keys

Go back into cell back and click the window again
Now the 3rd bar on the top row is loose.
Click it repeatedly until it breaks and you can collect it.
Go Back out to Hall.
Move up one
To your right on the wall click on the silver thing sticking out.
Use your bar to remove the ring
back out
go to room on your left.
click on locked safe
once close use the ring to break the lock off.
open and click on the black( you cant see inside the safe..its too dark)
Back out to the hall
go up steps
Search the floor to the left and find a loose brick
click repeatedly to remove and find screwdriver
go back one and click left to go back into the room with the safe
go right and you’ll see a barrel
use screwdriver on the part attached to the barrel to release the chain
Collect the barrel
Go back to hallway and go back one
To the right next to torch click on newspaper hanging off.
use the barrel at the bottom of screen so you can stand on the barrel
Click newspaper and now collect it along with the flash light
now go back to the safe
click on the flashlight to turn it on and search in the safe.
a paper on the floor of the safe will give you the code for the door.
go back out to hallway, go up
click on code panel and enter code

collect picture on the steps
go up twice
collect sword and go back down one
use sword on door to left and enter
go to left and you’ll see a desk with a labtop click on desk
click drawers 2nd and 3rd on the left to collect items(not going to be needed)
click on labtop it will tell you it has no battery
go back to hallway and magically the battery is right on the steps
go back to the desk veiw and place battery in labtop by dragging battery to the screen
now it ask you to log in a name
place BAPHOMET captialized
Click on the key which will show you doors you can open
Open the 1st one and the last one by clicking the key (when you click the last one a pop up will ask to accept or cancel.accept of course)
back out and go up and right twice till you see a table with a bible on it
Click table and collect the wires
go right till you see a book case
in the set of books in the middle theres one you can click which will come out and unlock a door
now back out and left and click white door
click light switch on left
then click the darkness which will show you the lamps
use the wires on the lamps (it will stay in your inventory)
now go back and hit switch again
click on door and click on it again it should open and you are out!!!

Solución en Español

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  1. I reached the last door after placing the wires on the lamps but the door wouldn't take me outside. A message popped out that read: "Tengo que encontrar la manera de destrabar esta puerta." But then the laptop would deny access to it.
    Nice graphics, though, and good walkthrough. Thanks.

  2. Same thing happened to me. I got to the last door and it said that I had to find a way to unblock it. But the computer wouldnt let me unblock any more rooms.
    Other than that, it was a nice game.

  3. It isn't the laptop, that unlocks the last door - go to the bookcase, and click un all the books, untill one tips out - it unlocks the last door.

  4. I am not going to be half an hour clicking on the bar to break it; that is not right


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