Escaping Game 2 Of Minimum - Walkthrough


Escape Game 2 Of Minimum is sequel of Escaping Game 1 Of Minimum Japanese point and click escape the room game.
Good Luck!!!

Play Escaping Game 2 Of Minimum

Room 4
click dustbin, get lighter
top draw for cd player
bottom draw for crowbar

Room 2
use crowbar on black spot to hear a screwdriver fall down
pick up the screwdriver in an other room

room 1
use screwdriver on the number 1 to get a cellphone
examine cd player to get a key

room 2
use the key on box to get candle

room 1
place candle on standard and lite it with the lighter
leave the room for a second to go back to room 1 again
take what´s left of the candle, it´s a doorbell

room 3
click on the ´tree
each symbol has it´s own sound and number,you can figure out sounds on the doorbell and look for these on the tree, it´ll give you a code.
enter this code on the cellphone to obtain a key

Room 1
use this key on the door, it opens halfway but enter anyway, allthough you can´t get trhough

room 3

click on the picture
click purple arrow
There´s some different options how to leave, for example by first clicking the duck or on the text in japonese, that´s up to you

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