Esklavos Chapter 8- Walkthrough


Esklavos C8 is a new chapter of Esklavos point and click adventure game created by Federico Rutenberg.
In this chapter, you have to point and click on right places to collect objects and solve puzzles in order to figure out the game and help the Ungo.
Good luck!!!

Play Esklavos Chapter 8

Click all the 4 tree, you will get branch, and Y shape branch, green fruits and dark fruits. You should also get green sticky vine, and gold vine look like a short rope.

First Combined Y shape branch and green sticky vine, then hit the bad guy with it he will throw a rock on you.

Click trees until you find gold vine, and dark purple fruit, combine it together with the Y branch, then hit the bad guy with it, try to aim higher, wait till your energy level is full. Bad guy will fall down, then it will be automatically you be transfered in the other place.

After the Bad guy wife, pulled her husband away from you, then start looking for something you can use to fenish the game.

First, pick some flower and put on the hole of the stump of the tree, make sure blue stuff will come out from the flower and will remained on top of the hole, then plant the flower in the hole, and click on the insect, click the green vine and put on the petals of the flower, the insect will suck it in, and will get stuck inside the petal of the flower. Pull the green vine from the flower along with the insect, and give it to the spider, then click left side of the rock where the spider was, and get mud.

Get acorn fruit from the hole and put the acorn fruit, under the stump tree, where the white flower. Their is a hole under the tree, put the acorn fruit inside the hole, squirel will run and get the fruit. Before he will get the acorn fruit, put the mud on the hole, it will trapped the squirel inside the hole.

Click in the hole where you got the acorn fruit, put the blue light inside and the light will scare the bird, the bird will flew, and the long black snake will appear, click on the sling shot, and shot the snake, the snake will grab the tree trunk for you to pass by to get through in the other side of cliff. Then, end of this chapter 8

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