Find Your Way Out - Walkthrough


Find Your Way Out! is another point and click adventure type game like Hapland series.
In this game, you have to point and click on objects in right order to figure out the game.
Good Luck!!!

Play Find Your Way Out

First off, just know that clicking the green play button and the red stop button at the top should have no effect on the outcome of your game.

(from left to right)
Stick A = Stick to the left of the tree
Stick B = Stick to the right of the tree
Stick C = Stick on the top of the right building (holding the rope)

1) Click the axle to the right of Stick C

2) Click Stick C - He should jump up off the building and knock out the guard below him

3) Click the box to the right of Stick B - He should look in the box, put on a mask, jump through the tube and stop next to the blue button

4) Click the tree until a grenade comes out of it (about 4 times)

5) Click Stick A - He should to the grenade, throw it at the last guard and stop at the red button

6) Click Stick B (the one next to the blue button) - He should push the button which floods the right side and cause another grenade to go off)

7) On the floor above Stick A (the one next to the red button), click the window so that it opens and click the lower bar thing from below the rocket (the only one that moves) so that it is parallel to the top bar

8) Click Stick A - A laser should activate and go across to where Stick C is

9) Click the rocket - It should follow the laser across to where Stick C is and cause a hole in the wall

10) Click Stick C - He should jump down and stop at the green button that isn't underwater

11) Click Stick C again - He should push the green button which raises the gate that was blocking the door

12) Click Stick B (the one next to the blue button) - He should swim out of the tube and stop on land

13) Click Stick B again - He should jump in the water, swim through the door and push the green button.

Source: Escape the Room

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  1. Nothing happens... I did all that, in order... nothing...

  2. Works Great....anonymous, you must not have followed the directions

  3. all that happens is a voice talks is that wats meant to happen?

  4. i click the axle but nothing happens, i use firefox

  5. same with me a voice said something and nothing happens

  6. same with me the voice just says PLAYER ONE WINS THE GAME

  7. Did not work on Google Chrome browser - had to use internet explorer. If it's not working, try a different browser.


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