Hapland - Walkthrough


Hapland is a stickman point and click adventure game.
You have to click right things and sometimes at right times to figure out the game.
Good Luck!!!

Play Hapland

click on the manhole cover to open it,
click on the yellow up arrow, man comes out.
barrel of the cannon must be parallel to the ground
click on the man to fire the cannon. (rock hits the log, makes a bridge)
click on the window to open
click on the cannon to raise the barrel and shoot a rock at the bell
click on the spear when the rock hits the bell
click on the cannon to lower the barrel
click on the man to fire the cannon and click on the bridge when the bomb gets close (this makes the bridge pop up and bounces the bomb
do last step again
fire cannon again but without clicking on bridge
click on the man next to the cannon again to dump him into the barrel
click the yellow up arrow below the manhole to get another man
raise cannon by clicking on it and fire
click on the man below the bell to make him push the bell tower to the right
click on the spear to get one end under the rock, then click the bell three times to make it fall on the spear
click on the red arrow sign so it points to the right
click on the door below the red arrow
click the man in the cave and after the crate opens click on the window below the cannon which kills the beast

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