I Sensor - Walkthrough


I Sensor is a room escape game in Japanese.
You are in a villa residence and you have to find a way to escape there.
Search the villa for items and find a way to escape.
Good Luck!!!

Play I Sensor

1. go left once, take picture on wall. open up far right side of cabinet and take screwdriver.

2. go left again and exit through the sliding glass door on right. click on the shinny glass box to the right and turn it sideways. collect the icetray on the left side of screen.

3. go back and wind up canopy with the screwdriver.

4. go back inside and click left until you get to the side with the hook and basket. hang the poster on the hook and take the basket full of water.

5. go left twice till you get to the cabinets again, enter the code 9110 into the left cabinet, take funnel.

6. use funnel to put water into the fish tank, take key.

7. hang key on the small hook next to where you put the poster, click on it once to reveal the ice machine. click on the green button to open it, then put the ice tray into the ice machine. collect ice.

8. go to the thermestat next to door, set it to 6829, and put ice into the empty space on the thermestat.

9. click on door and you are out.

Source: Escape Games 24

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