Otakara Game - Walkthrough


Otakara Game is a Japenese escape the room game.
You have to search everywhere to find and collect items or clues in order to escape from the room.
Good Luck!!!

Play Otakara Game

1. click on light blue book on the top level of bookshelf and you will get a memo 1
2. click next to the bottom right corner of bookshelf, you will find a dark blue key
3. click on the chair, you will find a button and a light green key inside the top left leg of the chair
4. press the button
5. use the light green key to open the floor in the kitchen, get the perfume bottle from the floor
6. open the top shelf in the kitchen and get a knife
7. open the drawer underneath the sink and get a cup
8. use the dark blue key to open the bedroom door
9. use the knife to cut over the cushion and you will get a green key
10. use the green key to open the bathroom door
11. get an orange key near carpet
12. fill water into the perfume bottle and get a purple key
13. fill water into the cup
14. use the purple key to open the 3rd drawer in the bedroom and get a candle
15. open the 2nd drawer to get a yellow key
16. get the memo 2 near the bed
17. use cup with water on picture on the wall, words will shown up and ask you to go to the dark basement
18. click on the light and need to enter password – password is refer to the memo 1 and the note which leads you to a number 3186
19. go back to kitchen and use the orange key to open the drawer and you will get a screwdriver
20. use the yellow key to open the drawer and get matches
21. open the shelf above the sink and get a wood
22. put the wood underneath the stove in bottom left corner and light it with a match
23. use the screwdriver to unlock the basement
24. go back to bedroom and put the candle on to the lamp (on the top of the drawer) and light it with match
25. get down to the basement and get a red key
26. take the pipe in pillar in order as mentioned in the bookshelf
red – blue – yellow – green – red
27. leave and use the red key to open the remaining drawer in kitchen
28. take the red pipe to break the glass in bathroom
29. open the drawer in orders according to the diary (by date of incidents) and the orders should be :
rain - thunder - moon - house - snow - mountain - star – sun
you will find another button
30. you have to push all the button in order according to the message shown on each button
The order will be :
light → pan → chair → picture frame → basement → glass → drawer in kitchen
31. go to bathroom and flush the toilet and you will find the money
32. go to basement and find a pink key
33. go to bedroom and use the key under the picture
34. End of game

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