Polleke's Room Escape 2 - Walkthrough


Pollekes Room 2 is second episode of Polleke's Room 1 point and click escape the room game.
Good Luck!!!

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Walkthrough - Guide - Solution - Cheats
1.click the picture
2.click the key
3.click again where you clicked the picture and got the key (looks like an empty picture frame)
4.Go left 2 times
5.click the key to the cabinet (drag it)
6.click the cabinet/drawer it will open
7.get the mask
8.go right 2 times and back to where you came from
9.click the newspaper
10.drag the mask on the numbers that is shaped like the mask (an oblong liked circle)
11.In the eyes and the mouth you see the numbers (6933)
12.type it on the safe then click the black doorknob thingy which is very small(or a button)
13.get the roll of tape
14. go right once
15.pick the camera and the fishbowl on the table
16.go right once again
17.you see a safe there type 1225
18.take the axe and the lighter
19.click on the bottom left foot of the cabinet/drawer then you will see half of a film
20.go left or right two times
21.use the axe on the fallen picture
22. you will see chopped wood click it
23.drag the film into the camera even if it is in the inventory.
24.then use the camera into the sign on the left side of the sofa
25.go left use the camera on the sign again on the upper side of the door.go left again and picture a sign on the upper right side of the wall near the ceiling.go to left again take a picture on the sign on the under left part of the wall near the floor
26.you cannot move the pieces but you can tape them use the roll tape on them.
27.go left 2 times you can see the door use wood on the fireplace and then use the lighter on the wood it will make a fire use the fishbowl on the fire and you can see a code
(reminder please read the steps 20-27 are steps on how to use the color box)
28.read the reminder that i gave it is important
(now let us continue the walkthrough)
29.the code for the color box
click the colors in the color box i will give how many times you will click it
(you wont need to look at the fireplace or the signs you connected)
30.get knife and phone
31.go left 2 times you see the paper on the table convert into letters and the letters you converted is what you will push on the phone
32.here it is the converted letter is. Where is the key? steps on how to do that is press 9,4,3,7,3,#4,7,#,8,4,3,#,5,3,9,####
(####is to make a question mark)
33.do not click the letter send click the button that is long like a space bar it is long as a space bar.
34.the cellphone says in the moon light go left 2 times
35.in the fire place there is a row of books click the ones that has the name the moonlight
36.you think that there is nothing in it But!!!!!!!!!!on the right side that has the text Or useful?
38.click the down arrow
39. use the new key on the door

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  1. If it's alright, I'd like to make an alteration to your walkthrough. At the end, instead of just clicking the down arrow (Since that just takes you out of the book), use the knife on the right side of the book where it says "Or is it useful?". THEN you will get the key.

  2. for the step where you go to the second safe and put in 1225
    how did you get that number?

  3. on the right side of the drawer there says 35x35 and u get the code 1225


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