Railway to Heaven - Walkthrough


Railway to Heaven - Escape the Cage is another point and click escape room type game from Gamershood.
Your objective is to escape the cage before the train arrives.
Find and use objects from the cage to get out the cage.
Good Luck!!!

Play Railway to Heaven

1. Pick up Green Tube 1: face ceiling and click on green thing
2. Pick up green tube 2: face the back and click on the row of metal with holes
3. Click on hammer
4. Click on area hammer was and look near the top left there should be a little metal thing sticking out of the ground click it, and also pick up Match 1
5. Pick up match 2: click the row of dotted metal where you look at train
6. To get nail : click on the golden pad with nails to the right of srceen then click on the metal thing and click on the loose nail
7. Click the metal thing and put it over 'About Item' then click the match and move it over the enlarged picture of the metal thing - this will light both matches.
8. One at a time, go t the dotted metal strips - place the green tube under strip and place lit match under tube - this will explode metals straps off the cage.
9. Go back to centre of cage, click left / right there are a total of four little brown rectangles on the bottom of the cage.
10. Click on the nail then click on them and they will pop off
11. Click on the gold chain and you're free!!!

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  1. the game Railway to Heaven is total B.S.! Even using the walkthrough, and clicking as fast as i can, even making no mistakes, i STILL don't make it in time.


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