Steppenwolf - Walkthrough


Trapped in the elevator, McAlister is shot! His dying words speak of a "red drawer".
Help Meg find the mysterious drawer contains the mini-disc and fight Donovan's henchman The Albino.
Good Luck!!!

Play Steppenwolf

1. Grab the key from McAllister and get into the elevator.
2. Climb to the top. Make Meg's back face you and long jump to the office.
3. When you get into the office, use the key on the desk just to the left of the copy machine with the baseball on top of it.
4. Open the drawer, grab the videotape and then grab the baseball.
5. Knock the water bottle off of the cooler. If the gunman is coming, you can hide under the desk.
6. Now go back to the elevator shaft and throw the baseball at the vent.
7. Shimmy down the left cord and pick the baseball back up. You will need this for later.
8. Get in the vent and Meg will slide down to the next level. You will be on a conveyor belt.
9. You can jump onto the control box that is hanging and swing to the other side.
10. Walk to the huge rolls of paper and Meg will climb down.
11. Climb up the ladder and grab the crowbar on the left.
12. Walk to the far right and up into the next room.
13. In this room, grab the wire sitting on the desk and then go to the paint bucket and press the ACTION. Meg will prop open the door for later use.
14. Go through the door that is propped open and go back up to the elevator.
15. Climb to the top and you are on the roof.
16. Use the wire to plug into the box on the sign.
17. Use the crowbar to pry open the skylight in the middle of the windows.
18. Now grab the other end of the wire and carry it over to the skylight and drop it down.
19. Go back to the office and you will notice the wire hanging down by the water.
20. Hide under the desk and wait for the gunman to come.
21. When he does come, wait until he walks into the water and press the ACTION. This will electrocute him and render him unconscious.
22. Grab the card from his pocket and go to the first scene where McAllister is dead.
23. Climb down the tree and go to the Security Desk at the bottom of the screen.
24. Use the videotape on the monitor. You will see McAllister putting some files in a safe. You can look at the dead guard but it doesn't help you any.
25. Now climb up the tree again and go back into the door that you propped open with the paint bucket.
26. Walk to the table where you grabbed the wire. Face away from the table and look at the machine below with the lever.
27. Throw the baseball at the lever and it will bring the paper roll up making a sort of stairs.
28. Walk onto the paper rolls and Meg will climb down to the bottom.
29. Go to the safe and put this combination in. 163104. This will open the safe and Meg will grab the files.
30. Go back to the front where the Security Desk is and use the card to go out the front doors.

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