Terminal House - Walkthrough


Terminal House is another Japanese point and click room escape game.
Like the other room escape games, you have to search the room to find items and clues to use for opening the door and escaping.
Good Luck!!

Play Terminal House

1. Go to the little cupboard and get the camera and the book out of the top drawer.
2. Read the book (double click on it) Take a note of the large letters at the end.
3. Look under the sofa to get a long hook.
4. Look under the sofa cushions to get a blue disc and a USB cable.
5. Examine the camera and click to open the USB port. Connect the USB cable to it.
6. Use the hook to pull down the screen. Get the little blue ket taped to the bottom of the screen.
7. Go round to the drinks machine and use the hook again to get the cable from off the top.
8. Go to the projector and plug it in using the cable.
9. Open the disc player (you need to click the button) and insert the blue disc.
10. Face the screen and turn the lights off.
11. Select the camera and click on the screen.
12. You now need to take three good photos. Photos that score good points are of fast moving targets, so the little cavemen make good shots.
13. When you've got your three photos, turn the lights back on and go to the little machine on the yellow cupboard.
14. Focus in on the right hand side of it and connect the camera up.
15. Click the 'space bar' button on the machine and it should as for the code.
16. As someone as already said, the letters in the book equate to the code, i.e. a=1 b=2 etc. so the code is 78542917
17. Enter the code and click the 'space bar' again. Your photos will be downloaded and you'll get some points for them depending on their quality.
18. If your photos are good enough you should be rewarded with a coin from the slot on the right hand side of the machine. Don't forget the camera and go to the drinks machine.
19. Insert the coin and choose a blue drink.
20. Select the drink and click to pop the top. Click it again to drink it.
21. Face the little green table and focus in on the little hook on the wall.
22. Click the hook with the blue key to reveal the arm wrestling machine.
23. What you need to do is hit the spot that decend on the right of the screen at the point they hit the circles. You can use the mouse or the arrow keys, but this is hard! Practice makes perfect and the energy drink does make it easier. (honestly it does!)
24. When you eventually win! collect the red key from the little drawer.
25. Go to the cupboard and unlock the bottom drawer. Collect the key and red disc.
26. Go to the projector and insert the red disc.
27. You'll now get a different scene on the screen that includes UFOs. You need to get three good photos again. As the UFOs scan up the cows (or are they horses?) they change colour, the more they change colour the more valuable they are. If they scan up a caveman or santa then they go red and are worth the most points.
28. Download your photos into the machine as before. If you score over 10,000 points you'll get a gold coint.
29. Use the gold coin in the drinks machine to get a red can of drink.
30. Drink the drink and then site down at the arm westling machine again.
31. Take the second key and put it on the hook again. The arm westler will now change to a robotic arm.
32. You'll need to fight and beat this arm again (oh no!)
33. When you've won get the gold key and unlock the door! Freedom!

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  1. How do u get under the sofa1?!

  2. ya i cant get under the sofa! somebody looking at these comments just play explain PLZ!!!

  3. i cant get the cable off of the drinks machine this game is rigged!


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