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The Visitor walkthroughThe Visitor: Macabre but brilliant point and click adventure game.
Use tab-cheat in cases you get stuck.

WARNING: Contains some scenes of graphic blood and slightly and may be thought violence. So, it is not suitable for young players.

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first scene(by the lake)

click the tree limb. it falls.
click the limb. the worm jumps on it.
click the frog. he'll eat the worm.
click the hole in the tree. the bird will fly to the tree.
click on the post the bird was on. it will bend.
click on the fishing pole.
click on the meteor and then the worm.=0A
click on the fishing pole five times

second scene(outside the house)

click the door handle. only to fail but you need to.
click the apple. the worm will eat it.
click the door handle again.
click the hole by the cats tail. once again you will fail but you need to.
click the shadow of the tree above you. the cat will get distracted and you will automatically run.

third scene(pipe room)
in this order click the yellow, blue, red,and then yellow knobs.

fourth scene(second again)

click the cats butthole. you gain arms.
click the door handle

fifth scene(kitchen)

click the top of the blender.
click the pile of oranges.
click the bottom of the blender.
click the top of the blender again
click the top drawer.
click the knife.
click the faucet. the lady will slip and die. do the last four things as fast as you can.
click the worm.
click the button thing above the worms head until the vent by the oranges opens.
click the light bulb
click the opening

sixth scene(bedroom)

click the vent
click the fish
click the bird cage
click the worm
click the clothes pile
click the bird
click the clothes pile
click the guy on the top bunk
click the worm
click the guy on the bottom bunk

seventh scene(bathroom)

click the door
click the toilet paper
click the bath faucet
click the toilet
click the toilet handle
click the right cabinet
click the hair dryer plug it in the outlet
click the sink faucet
click the sink
click the gun in the left cabinet
click the gun until it moves and then click the gun till his head slits open.
The end bloody and gory just like you like it.

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  1. in the kitchen the woman keeps puting te knife back

  2. in the final scene, the bathroom, i didnt even need to do anything. i just ate the guy and jumped out the window.

  3. in the kitchin the womman keeps putting te knife back, You have to click the top of the blender, put the orange in close the lid and click the bottem of blender, then when its done click top and the she will be distracted, then click the drawer and knife then the facet, she will then slip and die

  4. T_T poor cat :( that was gross dude

  5. the last scene is about saving the guy, and killing the alien

  6. holy.....send the army after that thing!

  7. i did what you sed 4 da last scene, but the left cabnet doesnt open, no gun!!!, every thing else worked but the gun

  8. You have to dump the plugged in hair dryer into the sink to open the left cupboard to get the gun.

  9. thanks for this,
    i didnt realise there was another ending
    helped alot :P

  10. i put the gun in the sink but i still cant open the left door

  11. You have to hit the outlet after you click on the dryer. Then click on the gun as many times until the job is done.

  12. The Left Cabinet doesn't f*#$ing open!!

  13. the kitchen...not enough time

  14. 2 endins just dont shut door...

  15. when I try to open the left cabinet, the monster breaks in,whqat do I do???

  16. just follow the instructions for the last scene exactly and quickly and you'll save the guy

  17. Oh god the end, so little time. ._.

  18. strange
    i always click on the left cabinet but it doesnt open
    what i do?

  19. In the final scene, to get to the gun, you have to plug in the hairdryer, then click the hairdryer (and it will go into the sink water) which will then open the left drawer and give you the gun.

  20. there are like, 3-4 endings
    1. One explained in walkthrough
    2. close the door, put the Toilet pap. in toilet and plush, turn on bathtub, turn on sink. grab the hair dryper, plug it in and put in bathtub [but before the bathtub hairdryer, clicking on cabneit make the alien come in and he slips] click on alien, he kills the man
    3.Click on cabniet, alien comes and kills man


  21. This walkthroughs a big help without i wouldn't have done the other ending

  22. even if i click the sink faucet, it won't work.

  23. click the blender make her not look then quickly click the drawer and knife then the faucet :D

  24. you know that in the ending it was all just a dream.

  25. its all easy really when in the bathroom and the left cabinet opens by putting plugging in the hair dryer and then filling the sink with water then click the sink the hair dryer will go in the sink and then the left one will open then keep clicking the gun

  26. i did all 3 endings
    if i had an account it will be Megakai
    all messages will go like this that are by me


  27. hello pplz its Megakai all messages by me will have (see bottom) in them


  28. Kwei! Freaking scary!

  29. I wish I could kill the guy in the bathroom & go on being a crazy body-stealing insane awesome visitor! My guy commits the crazy art of SHANKAGE SHANKOLOGY!!! :P
    (that's FIVE H ZERO R T Y)

  30. last scene: the door. the toilet paper. the toilet. the toilet handle. the big sink(not the one above the cupboards). the right cabinet. the hair dryer.the creature breaks the door,enters and slip into the big sink. the outlet.
    (optional ending:click the big sink,the creature is will wake up,kill the humen,and die. 0.0) the small sink(the one above the cupboards). the small sink once more.the left cabinet will open. the gun.the creature will stand up. the gun 5 times.3 bullets,4th hit will hit his head,5th will crack his head open.


    mail me if you have probs:

  31. The Flippin Left Cabinet Won't Open Tried Five Times. This Game Is Jacked UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. there is an ending where when the alien gets in the bathtub, you plug in the hairdrier and put it in the bathtub, the alien gets shocked and dies, but then comes back to life and kills the man.

  33. Awesome game, it was really hard to get past the cat part though because I had to click a thousand times to get past it but then I realized the way was to click the tree shadow (must have done that by accident the second time I went through). I just clicked forward a couple times and then clicked play on the right click. Didn't work for the kitchen though and I got the walkthrough. Thanks for the walkthrough and great o game. Um... to those of you (I have to restrain myself from saying derogatory remarks but its hard) who don't read through the walkthrough...YOU HAVE TO GET THE HAIRDRYER IN THE SINK PLUGGED IN TO OPEN THE LEFT CABINET!!! Do people read these days? I was going to say something worse but perhaps you're a seven year old who doesn't have the patience to read but has the patience to wait for an answer on the comments.

  34. other ending jst ckick the cabinet and the thing comes in and slices the persons head

  35. The walkthrough given for the final scene(Bathroom) kills the visitor.Oh and btw in the kitchen, you need to click on the lid of the blender, the oranges on the fridge, the bottom of the blender, the lid of the blender, the sink faucet,the 2nd drawer on the right,THEN the knife. And you will need to do this rather fast inorder to proceed on to the next scene.(The Bedroom).

  36. Anonymous Said,

    The Flippin Left Cabinet Won't Open Tried Five Times. This Game Is Jacked UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted on March 30, 2010 8:03 PM

    You just did'nt try harder! I had the 2 ending
    & the "Optional" one.

  37. i cant get past first one

  38. I beat it whoooooooohooooo! WTF that was some weird shit!


    You didn't say WHICH SINK.



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