World of Warcraft character sold for $10.000


A rogue character from the famous MMORPG has just been sold for the sum of 7000€ (approximately $10.000).

World of Warcraft

For this pretty sum, the buyer got himself a hero equipped with the best weapons to be found in World of Warcraft at this time, the Legendary swords dropped by Illidan Stormrage, and 4 out of 5 tiers of the strongest armor currently available.

The site also states that Zeuso, the player who created and then sold the rogue, is now building up another character, perhaps preparing him for his next deal. Unfortunately, the buyer has been inactive in World of Warcraft since September 3rd, which can have us speculate that Blizzard banned his account, as they have stated they don’t support character sales or auctions. Bites for him.

I personally don’t understand why anyone would make such a purchase. There’s nothing left to do in the game now, maybe just look for that last tier of armor, but after that he’s left with the pride of having a great character he didn’t spend a moment on. Super deal my friend, but I’d stay away from any more “brilliant” investments if I were you.

Source: Gameater

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