Yu A's Room - Walkthrough


Yu A's Room is the sequel to Yuria's Room point and click room escape game.
Collect items and use them in order to escape.
Good Luck!!!

Play Yu A's Room

Take bucket with red paint, go right, take the trashcan, take the key under the trashcan. Go right, click on the right side of the couch and take the remote controller. Go right, take the stick from the man, use the key on the right drawer of the dresser and take battery. Go back to the TV. Click under the tv table. Take the second battery just under the red arrow pointing backwards. Use the stick to get the knife. Examine the remote, look at its back, open the lid and put the batteries in. Use the remote on the TV. You’ll see a picture of a bookshelf and a red book among green ones. Go to the shelf and clik on the marked book. Open the book and use the knife where the girl points. Take the key and use it on the door. Go through, take the hammer and take the bucket of white paint. Use both paints on the trashcan, then give the trashcan to the man. He’ll give you a key, use it on a left drawer and take the pig. Smash the pig with the hammer (click on it a few times) and there’s the main key!

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