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B-Sensor is the continuation to C Sensor and I Sensor, a point and click room escape game.
Good Luck!!!

Play B Sensor

B Sensor Walkthrough - B Sensor Guide
pick up remote from next to the tv, and get stick from under the cupboard

go right and get green ball from the top of the plant

turn right and get blue ball from sliding windows

turn right and click next to the sauna (right bottom) and get green book and yellow ball (use stick to get those items)

in the green book, on the last page is a code. Click on the lower part on the page to get that code: 3984

go back so you face the TV and click on the brown parts of under the TV, on the left side there should be a red ball (not visible until you click it)

enter code at the box on the sauna and turn the heath up to 60C

click the remote and than the tape recorder (under the TV) and enter 824646 (code you got from the cellphone message on the beginning, but it is in japanese…). Press the S-button and get pipe, connect the pipe with the other pipes and get purple ball if you go back to the tv, but mind that the right side of the sliding glass needs to be open. Then step back and look at the open door. The pink ball will be on the far wall.

now go back to the sauna and get in. put the balls in the scale / hole (?) on the right side and leave

turn the heat up to 90C, open the door, then turn the heat down to 15C, enter the sauna and pick up the balls again, there are numbers on them

go to the “front” door and put in the balls in de box next to the door, the box opens

now here is a point where i had to cheat big time.. In a hint i found this:

o = where an abacus should be, and x where it shouldn’t be.

do this, and the door opens. well you know what to do next…

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