Bedroom Escape Walkthrough


Bedroom Escape Game is a text room escape game.
You are in a bedroom and you need to escape.
Good Luck!

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Walkthrough - Guide - Solution - Cheats
1. Click on garbage can and get note.
2. Get ladle and cell phone
3. Click on cell phone - get message
4. Click on right top of curtain - get key
5. Use key on clock
6. Use battery with lamp
7. Get fork and scissors
8. Use scissors on note pad
9. Use fork on lamp
10. Use battery on cleaner
11. Use cleaner
12. Get cutter
13. Use cutter on pillow
14. Get pliers
15. Use pliers on window.

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  1. Use cleaner? Is there an option to get messy in the bedroom? doh!

  2. i cant get the key!help me


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