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Corpus Aegrus - Deseased Corpse is an horror point and click game.
Be prepared to defeat zombies atacks.
Good Luck!!!

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1. Turn on the light by clicking the switch between the two doors.

2. Click on the left window and go outside.

3. Go into the ally where the garbadge is.

4. Click on the door to enter the market.

5. Go to the fish and click. You will recieve a key.

6. Click near the tree and the dumpster.

7. Collect the gun and ammo.

8. You will incounter a zombie and keep clicking on is body.

9. You will recieve a code (8245), as a check point password.

10. Go through the door streight ahead of you.

11. Cick the lower cabnet droor.Collect the ammo and crowbar.

12. Leave the room and go back outside.

13. Click the sewer top to enter it.

14. Continue further into the sewer.

15. Kill the two zombies you incounter.

16. There is a machine on your right, next to the door. Make all four numbers 50.

17. Go through the door.

18. Talk to the man.(Click the first option every time.)

19. Click inbetween the two brick walls that lead into the park.

20. Go up to the fence.

21. Shoot the lock with your gun.

22. You have beaten the demo version of "Corpus Aegrus - Diseased Corpse"

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