D's Look for Hamsters Walkthrough


D's Look for Hamster is a point and click room escape game from the creator of D's Room Escape 1.
In this game you need to escape by finding a lot of hidden hamsters.
Good Luck!!!

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Walkthrough - Guide - Solution
1. click on curtain. open window.
2. move flowers.
3. up on ceiling on light.
4. top house on hamster tower thing.
5. move balls around on hamster tower thing.
6. hamster wheel on tower thing.
7. on pumpkin.
8. move stool to side of bookcase. get one on top.
9. move star on bookcase.
10. under green pillow.
11. in pool in red ring.
12. click on dot on wall above pool and drag.
13. behind tapes under tv.
14. behind soccer ball.
15. click on floor on tv scene. behind cage.
16. click inside cage. box with 4 babies.

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  1. It was helpful but no:16 wasn't very clear because it didn't even show 4 babies in the cage.

  2. I take it back :DDDD click on the left bottem corner.

  3. WOW did it thats Baby :)

  4. where the hampster tower thing?


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