Erik's Escape The Room Part 4 Walkthrough


Eriks Escape The Room 4 is a point and click room escape game.
In this game you are trying to escape from the jail.
Good Luck!!!

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Under the bed there is a magnifying glass
and on the windows after a while there is a bug.It run fast but i got him after a while...when it was in the middle of the windows..
behind the sink there is a stone
under the table there is a piece of sand paper.

then i red the book and on the second page therewere some numbers.
You can also use the glass to read the page...
the numbers 10-5-1-7 etc.correspond to the letters on the clock..and the say...
"lunchtime".Say it to the guard and he will leave.
You get a key.
Use the sandpaper on the bench.
use the rock on the hole twice to get a bottle.
Put the dust and the bug on the bottle.
open the locked mirror with the key and put the dwarf in the bottle.
put the bottle near the water and drink it.....out!

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