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Escape From The Ninja House is a point and click type room escape game.
You are locked in a ninja room and you have to escape there by collecting items and solving puzzles.
Good luck!!!

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Walkthrough - Guide - Solution - Cheats
Click on the cushion. It will lift. Click on the security card underneath. To the left corner of a table you will see this brown thingie. Click as close to it as possible without going to the next room, and you will get a stick!

Go right to see a cupboard. Click on the top of the cupboard to see the rolls. Click on the rolls twice and you will see a paper. Click on it and it is yours! Then go back to the main picture of the cupboard and go to the shelves. Open each of them and one will have another paper. The big cupboard thing is locked.

Go right twice. On the ceiling you will find a dagger. Use the stick to get it. In the same room you will also see a rectangular crack in the wall. Click on it and it will open up letting you access the key. Now go right again to the two windows. Click on the ground near the windows then click on the space until a brown box comes up. Use the golden key on it and it will open to show stone. Use the dagger to dig and you will find a rope.

Go to the place with the pot and the painting. Click on the pot and then click on the ground where the pot used to be. You should see a circle. Use your stick on the circle and then go out and click on the painting. It will fold up to see a box. Click on the box and you will find a silver key!!!

Go back to the cupboard and use the silver key to open it. Enter your security card in the top part and numbers should appear on the pad. Enter in 2784. (Thanks for this number, Frost!) The reason why is because if you combine the two papers it becomes old Japanese name of the month, and the month is somehow connected to these four numbers. If it doesn’t open try checking the two papers again. Click on the crank to open the safe and get the hook.

Go to the windows and open the left one by clicking on it. Then combine your rope and your hook. Click on the window to get a close-up, then put the stick on to the two holders on top of the window. Use the rope and hook on the stick and jump down and…


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