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The Escape Game 2 is the sequel of The Escape Game 1.
In this game you have to find red diamond hidden in the room to escape.
Good luck!!!

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Go left, grab black ball in cupboard. Click on window curtains to reveal “stick that bends ahead”. Click the top left curtain until the blue medal falls on the floor. Get the blue medal. Notice the box next to the cupboard, it is important later on. I call it the bear dance box.

Go left, grab pink bottle from book shelf. Click on the 2nd dark purple book from left (top shelf) to get a piece of paper. On the bottom shelf, click on the 1st dark purple book from left and get the matches inside.

Go left so all you see is the folding screen on the right and a white and purple door on the left. Click around the middle/bottom edge of the folding screen to get the purple medal.

Go left. Open the sliding blue doors to get a doll arm and a metal bowl. Open the top white box to get a green medal. Open the bottom white box to get a doll leg.

Go left, grab the pieces of paper on the orange desk and unscramble the pieces to see; “Metal of pulled each, And, The lamplight lead a way.” Open the top drawer to get a yellow medal. On the right there is a box full of ash, take the tongs. Click the portrait on the wall to move it to the side, use the “stick that bends” and click on the black circle on the top right of the safe. Get the doll head inside. Move the rug to the side to get a plate. Open the horizontal drawer under the spot you got the pieces of paper with the “stick that bends” to get the candle.

Go left, then down. Click on & around the brown tea canister on the top left of the table to get the instructions to open the bear dance box. Also take the candle stick holder.

Click the candle stick holder and press “?”. Put the candle stick on it and then light it with the matches. Now click on the standing paper lamp on the top right of the table (looks like a CD holder, light pink and brown) to move it up. Place the ignited candle under it and put the lamp back. If you click the lamp again you will zoom in and see 2 figures.

Go back to the teddy bear and solve the Bear dance puzzle. Top to bottom are rows R1 to R5, left to right are columns C1 to C6.
01. Click R1C4 once.
02. Click R3C4 twice.
03. Click R3C6 once.
04. Click R2C6 3 times.
05. Click R2C2 4 times.
06. Click R2C4 once.
07. Click R3C4 once.
08. Click R4C4 once.
09. Click R5C4 once.
10. Click the whistle to open the box. Get the teddy bear arm.

Give back the missing arm to the teddy bear. Open the left door of the cupboard under the bear and get the body of the doll. Open the right door and get the meat.

Go right and give the meat to the dog. Get the key. Go right or left three times to the locked closet. Use the key to open it and get the charcoal in the closet. Get the grey medal to the right of the big grey box. Get the orange work stand.

Go back left twice to the safe. Click the metal bowl and press “?”. Put the charcoal on it and then use the pink bottle on the charcoal. Use now the matches on the charcoal to ignite it. Put the bowl on the ash. It turns into a red spot.

Select the white sheet of paper and click the red spot over the ash. ‘Right’ appears on the paper. Click the paper again until you get the code (this code changes in every game) to open the bottom right door of the main cupboard. Go right and open this door. Get the sand.

Select the metal plate in your inventory. Click ‘?’. Select the sand and click the plate. Two numbers appear on the plate (32). Now combine the two numbers from the paper lamp on the coffee table (32xy) and open the bottom left door of the main cupboard (from top to bottom: 3, 2, x, y) and get the second arm of the doll.

Go right twice to the bookshelves. Select the tongs in your inventory. Click the left side of the bookshelves and get the second black ball. Go back and click now just above the top right corner of the bookshelves. Get the Kimono.

Go right once to the teddy bear. Select the work stand in your inventory. Click the top left shelf. Get the second arm for the doll. Put the two black balls onto the two small holes. Get the red medal.

Select the head of the doll and press “?”. Assemble all the parts of the doll. Dress the doll with the kimono. Go back to the main cupboard and put the doll in the box on the top of the cupboard. Read the final clue (colors change in every game!).

Go back to the door. Click the handle. Insert the two first medals following the instructions you found on the final note. Open the panel. From left to right, put the last four medals, again following the instructions written on the final note. Click the bottom left button. Click the door to open it. Click it again: you’re free!

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