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Federico Rutenberg presents Esklavos C10.
"In this chapter I have dedicated more work to explain the story,
as we approach the end, there are more things to tell."
Enjoy the C10!!!

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* Click on Virop to pick up the rock
* Click on Floda, than click on serpent, (to have Floda pick up the ’slitherer’), before Virop puts the rock back down!

* Floda - drag the serpent to the nest.
* Floda - click on the serpent, (now in the nest) and you wll get an egg.

* Virop - click on Monono (the monkey) to banter back and fourth.
(Virop must correctly respond several times to Monono’s (random order) questions and/or comments, until the monkey becomes enraged!)

This Question + Answer:

(Q) Have you seen the Uro standing there?
(A) Yes, he told me he was going to make a coat with your skin.

will cause Monono’s facial expression to change, to that of anger, and his name/description will change to “Angry Monono”.
* DON’T ANSWER HIS NEXT QUESTION, or you’ll have to ’start over’ in the conversation.

* I’ve included a list below, (see “Monono & Virop’s Q + A”) in alphabetical order, of each possible question, with it’s correct response.

Monono & Virop’s Q + A

(Q) Do you know how many were dropped from this bridge?

(A) Mmmm, that is a very appropriate comment for the occasion.

* (Q) Have you seen that Uro standing there?

* (A) Yes, he told me he was going to make a coat with your skin.
* Click END CHAT

(Q) How came up here?

With my legs?

(Q) How came up here?

(A) With my legs.

(Q) I am going to marry Lisa, Mona

(A) The challenge will be to obtain the consent of the father.

(Q) If you look down you will see an old beard(ed) man

(A) No, I hate the heights

(Q) I know the end of Esklavos

(A) What is that?

(Q) My cousin fell from here and became puree.

(A) He had fallen on chili and no longer needed seasoning.

(Q) My cousin Kiposhy spit to an unwary man

(A) Who could be so stupid . . .

(Q) The life if too hard

(A) To you all must be very monotonous

(Q) The Moon is gone

(A) Uhh, I hope she is not offended

(Q) The Sun is setting

(A) His pants?

(Q) Tomorrow there is a party at my uncle’s tree. You are Invited.

I think I’m going to wear the yellow banana pants.

When the monkey (Monono) has become ” Angry Monono” - click on ‘End chat’.

1) Virop - drag the egg to Monono (the monkey), who will throw it to Uro. . . as soon as you drag the egg to Monono, IMMEDIATELY:
2) have Floda - drag the serpent to/near the mouse (in tree);
3) leaves will fall down on Uro and he will fall.

* (If it doesn’t work the first time/if Uro doesn’t fall (you have to be faster!) - fortunately, you can try again:
get another serpent from under the rock & repeat the steps (including going through the random order Q + A with the monkey again first, to make him angry, AGAIN!) before trying to drag the egg to him, again.

* When Uro does fall, Floda and Virop quickly cross the bridge and enter the passage.

The Passage

* Floda - click on piece of wood (on stairs behind Virop)
* Floda - drag piece of wood to slot - it breaks into 2 pieces
* Floda - click on tapestry.

Naedrin Q + A (in correct order)

I do not kill you. But… What are you doing here?

I see… I am Floda, and He is Virop. We must leave you back to your home

Ok Naedrin, We must get out of this place.

Naedrin - click on Parrot, get quill.

To Get Cushion

* Naedrin - click the skull, than QUICKLY!,
* Naedrin - drag quill to Uro;
an eight legged green salamander/centipede like creature (?) will come out of the skull and bite Uro;
* when he (Uro) sits up
* Naedrin can take the cushion.

To Get Bone

* Naedrin - place cushion on stone,
* Naedrin - drag broken wood to cushion

1. Click Floda, then the bones (top of screen, above tapestry)
2. Click Virop, then the bones
3. Click Naedrin, then the cushion (to create a 3-man-tower) and Naedrin will take a bone.

* Floda - drag bone to slot.

* Watch heartbreaking cut scene…
* Warning: Not Suitable for All Audiences.

* The End
* Chapter 11: Coming Soon!

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