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Terminal House 3 - Guest House is a point and click game.
In this game you are locked in a room and you need to escape.
Good Luck!!!

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Go left and click on top of the small box on the wall, get silver coin. Then, open the small box and write down the shape and number, you’ll need it later. Use coin on vending machine and get blue drink. also, click on the floor on the left side next to the vending machine and get a blue puzzle piece

go right and click on the left side behind the cabine (on the floor), write the shape and number down

go right twice and open the large box on the wall, get puzzle piece

then click near the floor on the wall and write down the shape and number

go right, click the large box on the wall and get a blue key

go left twice and use key on the largest box on the wall and get a green book

go back and click the safe. use the green book to get the code. Each hieroglyphic stands for a number. use code to open the safe and get mouth piece (mask), red key and a puzzle piece.

use the red key on the door and get an aerosol with O2, a puzzle piece and a tube. combine the tube with the mask / mouth piece and don’t forget to write down the shape and number

now open the largest box on the wall and put in the puzzle pieces and solve the puzzle. it isn’t very hard, just start on top and then work down to discover the numbers. it might be helpfull to write down the number which goes with which symbol.

go around the room and put in the numbers in the boxes on the wall and you should be able to get in the cabine, but first, open the box above the cabine and put in the aerosol with O2 (make sure you opened the aerosol first)

now open the cabine by pressing the button next to the blue light, and get the gold coin from between the girls fingers and get a small tube from the left side, next to her head. Open the blue can and give it to the girl. Leave the cabine

get the yellow drink from the vending machine and give this to the girl as well, than put the mask on her and leave the cabine

open the smallest box and put the tube in. now go to the box next to it (on the right) and press the button.

now go left 3 times and click the blue handle on the left side on the door. enjoy the ending:)

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  1. thank you for the walktrough!!!!

  2. Which screen has the silver coin? I've opened every box on the walls and I still don't see it. :(

  3. He said click ON TOP OF THE SMALL BOX. Same screen as teh vending machine. ON TOP, short bus, on top. Not in it.

  4. how do you work out the puzzle in the big box ive put in how many of the symbols there are any help???

  5. when you have to find out what each animal=number on the last one, scopion, i keep getting 11 as the answer but i cant fit 11 into the box on the wall.
    can someone please help me?

  6. I got 8 as the number for the scorpion.

  7. Wow, I love the ending, it's so...sweet, in a way.

    Thanks for the walkthrough. :)

  8. Haha "short bus" wow that's so funny. You must have like TONS of friends. To the creator: Thanks for the walkthrough, would've been ballsed without it!

  9. yes!! i did most of it without the walkthrough until i realized i couldn't find the d**n blue piece - where do click on the floor next to the vending machine??? i think i clicked every spot and no blue piece has come up...

  10. i can figure out the codes of the animals

    can someone help me?

  11. Cancer = 5, Twins= 3, Scorpion = 7 and Capricorn = 8. I m not sure if it works in every game or if the change.
    Can somebody helo me:
    Cannt get out the blue can just the yellow one :S


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