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HHT - Hopping Hams Thriller is a point and click adventure game.
To play this game you need to help the little hamster by collecting items and solving puzzles.
Good Luck!

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Get thru introduction and go up stairs to first door & enter.
Note black panel top left, this is your map. Go forward to end and right to first room (B) on wall. Click creature (which is a chess piece), go left and click piano. Play game and when finished click top right dot to close and get key.
Click the handbag and the purple square to chose the key. With that showing click the door to the left and enter the room. You must now click the handbag to close the items list or nothing else will happen.
This room has a (P) and creature. Capture the creature.
Now click the back of the hammy head to get back to the corridor.
Turn and go right down the corridor & right to a room which is a study (P). Check drawers & new creature. Turn right into library. Use remote and bookcase moves (R) and right into new creature (K).
Return to corridor (hit hammys on head). Move up and right to room with clothes. Move dresses and new room (N), collect creature.
Back to corridor forward and left to room with hole near floor with creature, left and mirrors...game find the difference, three in each image....access new room & creature.
Back to corridor. Forward and new room Quiz Shock game.(P) Guess fast and new room (R) & creature & left to bed under cover a new creature to collect (N).
Back to corridor and forward to laundry. Get creature out of washing machine. Right to bathroom, get plug out of bath and place in hole above bath.
Back to laundry and a new room to left (K) get creature and rope.
Trace your steps back and go up to telephone room. Phone Damien 666 and wall breaks. Left to room (Q) and creature.
Thats all do here in this section, so make your way back to the balcony outside and head left to other door.
First right is the kitchen. (N). Right to fridges collect cones, creature and banana. Hammys make an icecream. Left is the Chiefs room and not accessible, yet....
Up corridor to room with wheel (B). Chose rope and bring up a new creature.
Back out and into dining room (Q)
Check under table for new creature and get leaf from picture.
NOW REMOVE THE LETTERS ON THE WALL BY SELECTING A CREATURE. This room Q - select handbag, click each creature until the letter & creature disappears.....this is a Queen....so you have Bishop, King, Pawn etc to locate...
Go to EVERY room and do this.....
Back to the first corridor we visited the B in the piano room wont go away, because you havent got that creature yet...but the P in the locked room will.
Continue in the other rooms. Give the leaf to the creature in the little hole. In the telephone room hit the wall with the banana to get a new creature and room. Keep clearing every room.
When you get back to the piano room you should remove the last creature (B). If you have any left, keep searching.
Go downstairs and get key from room.
Face locked room and use key.
Now you can go up to the Chiefs room and get courage balls.
Back downstairs use courage balls, then unlock the room and then play chess (A3 to F3).
ETC...... to tombstones, click "is" on Junior stone etc.....

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  1. Just a question, what a bout the first episode!?!?

  2. Just a question, what a bout the first episode!?!?

  3. dopo aver aperto la stanza dove ci sono gli scacchi e(argh!meglio non dirlo)cosa si fa?

  4. after open the door in the initial what i do?


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