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Japanese Room Escape Game 2 is the sequel to Japanese Room Escape Game.
In this game you are locked in a room and you need to escape.
Good Luck!!!

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Walkthrough - Guide - Solution - Cheats
1. Grab directions from red thing on table behind you when you start.
Use these directions on the grid box under the window to get teddy bear arm.
2. put teddy bear arm on and open sliding doors below bear and grab both items (meat on stick and body of doll)
3. Open and close drapes a couple of times until blue metal falls on floor. Pick up blue metal and hook on windowsill. Pick up black gem from left of bear.

4. Move left and grab lighter fluid from bookshelf, also grab blank peice of paper from top right shelf and matches from fake book on bottom left.
5. Move left and click behind the folding screen (very lower left edge of folding screen). Pick up purple metal
6.Move left, open sliding glass door and get doll arm and metal plate/bowl. Click top grey box and get green metal and click bottom grey box to get doll leg.
7. Move left, get chopsticks out of ashes. move rug and get plate, move drape and use hook to open wall behind it and get doll head. Open top drawer of little wooden box and get yellow metal. Open bottom left drawer with hook and get candle. get scrambled piece of paper from top of wooden box.
8. Move left (you should be back at front door) put bone infront of dog and get key.
9. Move left or right three times to get to the big sliding door with a lock on it and use key you just got from dog on it. Inside grab the work stool (orange thing) charcol just inside the door on the left and the grey metal just to the right of the cardboard box.)
10. Move left twice, select the metal bowl from your inventory and click the ? to get a close up of it. Now use the charcoal on it, then the lighterfluid then the match. It should be a fire in the bowl now. exit the close up and use the metal bowl on the brazier. Now use the blank peice of paper on the brazier. It should say "right" meaning right lock and then four numbers.
11. go to the cabinet with the two locks and use your new numbers on the right lock to get a bag of sand. select the plate from your inventory and click the ? and use the bag of sand on it. It will show two numbers these are the first two numbers of the left lock.
12. Now move to the bookshelf and using the stool grab the doll kimono from the very top of the bookshelf. Use the chopsticks on the bottom left of the bookcase (next to the wall just left of the actual bookcase) to get the second black gem.
13. Move to the teddy bear and click on the shelf at the top right while using the stool. Place the two black gems on the little holes on right and left of pagoda temple. grab red metal and doll arm.
14. Go to table in middle of room and click on candle base on table while it is still in close up view click on candle in inventory and use on candle base. Now use matches on the wick of candle. Exit close up and click on paper tower on table...when it lifts up place the lit candle on the table under the tower. Click on tower again to lower it onto the candle. Click tower again to zoom in on it. Write down the two numbers you see. These are the second two numbers for the left lock.
15. Go to the cabinet with the two locks (one now) and open the left lock with your combination of numbers from the candle section and the sand and plate section. Open the door and get the doll leg.
16. click on the doll head in your inventory and then click on the ?. Now assemble the doll by clicking all the body parts one by one and then clicking the doll head/body.
17. Use the doll in the empty space above the cabinet that had the two locks.
18. read the paper and write down the order of the metal disks. The first two at the top need to go into the little horizontal slit in the main door (below the big grey rectangle) in the order they are written (wrong order and smoke knocks you out). The second set of colors is cut off you should see two when you first read the paper but there should be four. So click on the paper where the bottom two colors are and it should scroll more so you can see the next two colors. Now go to the door and use the first two metal disks on the horizontal slit. At this point the grey rectangle should open up and show four holes and a dark grey button on the bottom right. Put the four colors in the right order from right to left according to the paper. Click the button on the bottom right and the door will open.

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