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The Journey is the sequel of Mental Hospital point and click game.
In this game you need to get out of the city without being caught.
Good Luck!!!

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1. Click birds 3 times to get them to poop on window
2. When washer gets to poop, click and ride down
3. Grab the black can and then ride back up
4. Scramble to the next building across rope
5. Use spiderman to get to ledge
6. Go to blue building by clicking roof, then click box 3 times
7. Use fire on box to light black can.
8. Click right balloon and click him again when he pulls out camera
9. Now back on original roof, click window and burn building.
10. As people are jumping, click them (right as they jump) and land on pink ledge
11. Click on boxes
12. Click director to bring back spiderman
13. Just as his first string appears, click where it attaches to the burning building
14. Go to poop building and get rope in bottom right corner
15. Go back up and to next building and use rope on the guy in the window.
16. Repeat steps 11, 12, and 13
17. Repeat step 5
18. Click on the pole on the right and go down to the camera guy, click him 3 times
19. Helicopter will appear and start to take you away.
20. Click youself once over the street, and then a second time over the boxes, you will fall onto boxes for a 3rd time.
21. Click left balloon
22. Once train crashes, cops will go away, click on trash truck

Congratulations, you have won.

Source: Escape Games 24

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